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L.A. Free-Net (LAFN) began in 1994 by a group of local physicians as a means to share medical information with the community.  It quickly grew to become a method for the public at large to share all kinds of information with each other.

L.A. Free-Net is a non-profit organization, operating under Section501(c)(3) of the Internal Reveue Service tax code.

Unlike commercial ISPs, the L.A. Free-Net does not derive any income from on-line advertising.  The service is free of all solicitations, banner ads, and pop-ups. We do not sell our user lists. All incoming spam mail is blocked unless specifically permitted by the user, and we prohibit our users from sending out solicitations.

All personal information for accounts is encrypted on our servers and is never sold or made available to other organizations except as required by law.

Our service support is handled by friendly and experienced mentors who are all volunteers.

Low-cost DSL access is available in California and 12 other states in areas covered by AT&T telephone service.