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The American Association for Crystal Growth (AACG) is a national, non-profit organization, which is affiliated, with the International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG). The purpose of AACG is to organize and support activities, which serve the technical and professional interests of its members and the crystal growth community. The activities are designed to advance the theory and practice of crystal growth and epitaxy, crystal characterization, and applications, by enhancing both the exchange of technical information and the professional stature of those engaged in crystal and epitaxial thin film growth research, development, and production.



The American Association for Crystal Growth was founded by a group of engineers and scientists who met to organize the First International Conference on Crystal Growth (ICCG-1) in Boston, MA, in 1966. The AACG was formally organized in 1969 and later (1974) incorporated in New Jersey as a non-profit organization. Drs. Kenneth A. Jackson and Robert A. Laudise of Bell Telephone Laboratories, who served as first Co-Presidents of AACG until 1975, provided early leadership.



The Association is guided by an Executive Committee (currently 36 members) made up of prominent members of the crystal growth/epitaxy community who are nominated and elected by the AACG membership to a six-year term of office. Elected Presidents of Regional and Local Sections are also members of the Executive Committee while they are in office. The Executive Committee serves in a legislative and advisory capacity to the executive officers of the Association. The officers of the organization are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They are members of the Executive Committee who are elected to a three-year term by the membership-at-large. In 1990, a national headquarters was established and the Executive Committee selected an Executive Administrator.

AACG members are also members of a regional and local section. Participation in local activities of active sections is encouraged. In addition to the regional section, AACG/West, currently active local sections include: Mid-Atlantic (MAS) covering New York and New Jersey, Northern California Crystal Growers (NCCG), New England (NES), and Capitol Chapter (CCCG).



The AACG has approximately 600 members. The largest fraction is from the United States, but many foreign countries are represented. Our membership includes engineers, scientists, educators, technologists, marketing representatives, and students. All share a strong interest in one or more facets in the field of crystal growth and epitaxy.



  The First American Conference on Crystal Growth (ACCG-1) was held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (then, the National Bureau of Standards) in Gaithersburg MD. A national conference was held every three years through 1996. In 1998, AACG officially changed the title of the national conference to the American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ACCGE) and proceeded to plan ACCGE-11 for Tucson, Arizona in August 1999. In addition, in 1998, the AACG Executive Committee voted to hold a national conference in the year 2000 and to plan annual meetings. National conferences have been held every year since then.  In 2003, ACCGE-15 will be held jointly with the OMVPE Workshop and the 3rd International Symposium on Laser and NLO Materials, July 20 - 24, in Keystone, Colorado.  For further details, visit the AACG web page:



The AACG Newsletter is published three times a year and mailed to all members and affiliates. It contains technical information on past meetings and announcements of future meetings of interest to the crystal growth and epitaxy community. Feature articles are included which discuss new developments in crystal growth, epitaxy, and characterization, historical retrospectives, and ongoing activities at laboratories around the world. In addition, the Newsletter contains information on new books in the fields of interest. Employment opportunities and positions-wanted notices are published at no cost to members and employers. Employment notices may also be posted on the AACG Web page. Members are encouraged to express their views in Letters to the Editor.



The AACG sponsors an award for outstanding contributions to the field of crystal growth and epitaxy, which is presented to the recipient at our national meeting. The first "Crystal Growth Award" was presented to Sir Charles Frank in 1978. The award consists of a cash honorarium, a ruby medal, and an engraved plaque citing the achievements for which the award was given.

The AACG also sponsors a Young Author Award that is presented to young persons (under 35 years of age) who have shown outstanding achievement in the field of crystal growth/epitaxy primarily through published papers. The first award was presented in 1981; subsequent awards have been presented at our national meetings.

 In 1999, the AACG Executive Committee initiated the Gentile Service Award in honor of Anthony (Tony) Gentile who served as the first Executive Administrator of the association.  In 2002 at ACCGE-14 in Seattle, WA, , the First Gentile Service Award was presented to William A. (Bill) Bonner of Crystallod, Inc. for his many years of dedicated service to AACG as a member of the Executive Committee, Treasurer, President, and his active participation in multiple conferences as invited speaker/session organizer, Program Chairperson, and Conference Chairperson.



Membership in the AACG is open to everyone with a professional interest in crystals, thin films, crystal growth, epitaxy, and characterization. This includes theoretical and experimental work on the growth and properties of single crystals in bulk, film, or particulate form, crystallization phenomena, crystal/thin film production, and related applications.

All members receive the AACG Newsletter, an annual Roster of current members with contact information, and mailings (post and/or email) of meeting announcements. Members nominate and elect candidates for the Executive Committee and elect AACG Officers.

Companies may join AACG as Corporate Affiliates and name a representative to receive the Newsletter, Roster, and all conference mailings. Every issue of the Newsletter and Roster contains a listing of current Corporate Affiliates. In addition, Corporate Affiliates may use the AACG Roster for business mailing purposes.


For additional information on AACG, contact Laura A. Bonner, AACG Executive Administrator, 25 Fourth Street, Somerville New Jersey  08876-3205; Phone (908)575-0649; FAX (908)575-0794; Email: sure to visit our web site:

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