The Philippines AmericaRadio Amateurs,USA is an organization of Filipino hamradio operators residing in Southern California. Composition ofwhich are the members themselves and their immediate familieswhose primary objective is to serve their own respective Filipinocommunities and its entirety in the Los Angeles and suburbs area.Coming from all walks of life and various fields of expertise andendeavor our members' professions start from A to Z (dynamic anddiversified). Our scope of service to the public is wide andvaried. We are registered Los Angeles Sheriff Dept disastercoordinators/communicators at times of county-wide emergencies.PARA USA does own, maintain and operate computercontrolled repeaters on the 2 meter and 440 mhz bands forflexibility in coverage.


EveryTuesday of the week at 04:00 GMT


Everylast Saturday of the month

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