Sponsor A Student

The Los Angeles Free-Net is a volunteer operated non-profit organization. Donations to the LA Free-Net allow us to provide no cost dial-in accounts to California K-12 students.

For example, a donation of $20 per month will provide dial-in service for four K-12 students. These are students who otherwise would not have access to internet service for assistance with school work. One of the requirements for a student account is to write a report at the end of the year describing how internet access assisted them with their course work. We have hundreds of these reports and there is a consistent pattern that the access was a significant factor in completing the course work.

LAFN is considering expanding the program to provide DSL service for low income college students. While details on eligibility etc. are still being evaluated, we will need sponsors to be able to offer this service. A donation of $100 per month would provide DSL service for four of these students.

Please help us support students by donating to LAFN

All Donations to LAFN are tax deductable. LAFN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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