Installing the root certificate in Opera

Once you have the certificate downloaded it will most likely start the Opera Certificate Manager.

  1. Choose 'View'
  2. Check 'Allow connections to sites using this certificate'
  3. If desired, uncheck 'Warn me before using this certificate'

There seems to be an occasional problem getting the certification to pass on Opera 8.5 in Windows. Here is the workaround:

  1. Make sure cache is cleared.
  2. Attempt to get cert. via Opera ID'ing.
  3. Attempt to get while ID'ing as IE 6.0 (in Opera).
  4. Attempt to get while ID'ing as Opera again. This time, cert. should pass through.

It seems there is something about the caching where it wants both IE and Opera set at the same time before it will let the Opera cert. go through. Odd, but it works.

This page last updated: Jun 26, 2008