Installing the LAFN Root Certificate in SeaMonkey

The following procedures have been tested on version 1.1.12.

Once you have the PEM certificate downloaded you may need to double click on it. That will bring up the SeaMonkey certificate manager. If the download started the certificate manaager you will already be at the following screen.

  1. Here you will need to check at least the first 2 of the 3 checkboxes. It will not be installed unless you check one. We have tested having all three checked.
  2. Press the OK button.

Checking the LAFN Root Certificate in SeaMonkey

  1. Select the Edit Menu and then Preferences.

  2. Click on the Privacy and Security checkbox to open up that section.

  3. Click on the Certificates tab.

  4. Click on the Manage Certificates button.

  5. Click on the Authorities tab.

  6. Scroll down to and select the LAFN_CA entry (they are sorted)

  7. Click on the View button.

  8. Check to be sure that the certificate matches the one shown and that The SSL Certificate Authority use is present. If not, then the certificate is not properly installed.
  9. Click on the Close button and then the OK button.

You can now delete the certificate files you downloaded as they are no longer needed. The system should no longer ask you about using LAFN certificates.

This page last updated: Oct 30, 2008