1.1 How do I change account settings like password, spam blocking etc.?

1.1.1 Guidelines for enhancing your LAFN Experience

1.1.2 Why is the payment address not on the home page?

1.2.1 Click here to learn more about dial-in services

1.2.2 Click here to learn more about DSL services

1.2.3 Common questions about DSL prices

1.3 Click here to learn more about additional account features and services

1.4 Click here to learn how to obtain current information about your account status

1.5 Click here for instructions on accessing User Services

1.6 How Can I Learn More About the Internet?

1.7 How are renewal costs calculated?

1.8 What does SlipStream do and how effective is it?

1.9 How do I change the credit card used for monthly DSL payments?


4.1 Click here if Windows does not let you save your password.

4.2 How do I download the latest patches and security fixes from Microsoft?

4.3 How do I Recover a Windows Password so I can access User Services?


7.1 History of the LA Free-Net

7.2 Checking SSL Usage

7.3 Why is my PayPal shipping address unverified?

7.4 Information on the SlipStream Client

7.5 ftps client for Mac OS-X 10.3

7.6 Downloads of large files are not completing

2.1 How do I configure for Regular Dial-in?

2.2 How do I configure for SlipStream Dial-in?

2.3 How do I configure for Extended Dial-in?

2.4 How do I configure my Mail program?

2.5 How do I configure my News Reader?

2.6 How do I configure my browser?

2.7 How do I avoid having to accept certificates each time I use them?

2.8 Here is a summary of the LAFN settings.

5.1 Why is LAFN blocking e-mail from another ISP?

5.2 My good friend is not a spammer. Why is he blocked?

5.3 My mail is not being delivered properly (including SPF issues)

5.4 What can I do about Yahoo group mail being blocked?

5.5 How do I display the full e-mail header?

5.6 How do I display full e-mail headers with LAFN's Remote Mail?

5.7 How do I stop Outlook Express from disconnecting me?

5.8 How do I hide the message preview pane?

5.9 Using Mail Server Spam Filtering (dspam)

5.10 How do I identify spoofed E-mail?

5.11 How do I verify the proper operation of SMTP-AUTH and TLS/SSLl?

5.12 Using TMDA Spam Filtering

5.13 Outgoing mail is not working

5.14 How do I forward mail to another address?

3.1 Click here if you are having modem problems or if your connection is unstable.

3.2 How to obtain verbose logging on a connection

3.3 How do I change the phone number I am calling?

3.4 How do I obtain network debug information?

3.5 What do I do about errors on a DSL Circuit?

3.6 Can I use DSL or Cable Modem with LAFN?

3.7 Why use LAFN with broadband?

3.8 How to download a large update using Dial-in service

3.9 How to Mac OS-9 for DSL

3.10 Why do I need security on WiFi?

3.11 Why leave a DSL modem turned on?

3.12 How do I move my DSL service to a new location?


6.1 Where can I get a virus removal tool?

6.2 Norton LiveUpdate is not working with SlipStream

6.3 How do I remove the W32.Navidad (snowhite) virus from my computer?

6.4 Warning about fraudulent certificates and how to detect them.

6.5 I am unable to send or receive mail with Norton Anti-Virus Installed.


8.1 Why Do I Need a Firewall?

8.2 ZoneAlarm Pro Installation

8.3 Firewall Conflicts

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