Extended Dial-in Service

Extended dial-in service provides local dial-in from a number of states including California. The following map shows approximately the current access points:

Extended dial-in does not have any session limits. However, there is a limit of 400 hours per calendar month. If a user exceedes this limit, the term of the account will be reduced by one month for each additional 400 hours to cover the additional cost to LAFN.

The Telephone number list on our web page lists the currently available dial-in numbers for Extended dial-in service. To use Extended dial-in service, you must change your dialer where you have your user id entered to be user_id@lafn. Please note that this is not your e-mail address. For example, user id bc979 would use bc979@lafn in the dialer for Extended dial-in service. bc979 or bc979@lafn.org will not work.

In addition, you must configure your mail client to send mail using SMTP-AUTH. LAFN will not send your mail unless that is done. We strongly recommend that you also enable STARTTLS for sending mail to encrypt your user id and password.

This page last updated: Dec 15, 2003