Non-profit organizations have the following features:

  1. A WWW Home Page on the LA Free-Net.
  2. A user account.
  3. One Affiliate account.
Additional Affiliate accounts are available. An affiliate account is an additional mailbox for use by the organization.

For a complete listing of the LAFN account types and additional services see the LAFN Donation Schedule.

Because the LA Free-Net is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, it is hoped that non-profit organizations will encourage their members to join the LA Free-Net. This gives full use of the LA Free-Net services and sustains the LA Free-Net.

Technical support is provided by volunteers via a number of LA Free-Net newsgroups and a network of email and telephone volunteers.

Non-profit organization accounts must be approved by the LAFN Steering Committee.

This page last updated: Feb 2, 2004