Regular Dial-in Features

Regular Dial-in is only available in California. Regular Dial-in accounts have session limits and the use of automatic redialing is prohibited.

Sessions are limited to one hour during most of the day. However, there are longer sessions available. The duration of a session is determined by the time when the connection is established. For example, a connection established at 11:30 PM will be one hour. One established at 1 AM will be four hours. The limits for sessions greater than one houre are:

Regular Dial-in service is designed for connections to be shared between many users. That is how we are able to keep the cost to users low. The use of automatic reconnections or programs to keep the connection open is prohibited. If you need that type of connection, you need to use the Extended Dial-in service. LAFN monitors for abuse of the Regular Dial-in service.

This page last updated: Dec 15, 2003