SlipStream Dial-in Features

SlipStream is a caching web service that uses a high grade compression algorithm to speed up downloads to your computer. To use SlipStream you must download the SlipStream client software and change the number you are dialing to a slipStream number. All of the existing Regular Dial-in numbers have a corresponding number for SlipStream.

Please note that when SlipStream is used with Regular Dial-in, all the Regular Dial-in restrictions such as session limits and the prohibition of automatic redialing apply to SlipStream Dial-in.

SlipStream Web Accelerator can be installed on any of the following operating systems:

SlipStream Web Accelerator works best with Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 4.0 or any later version of either browser (Internet Explorer 5.0 and newer is recommended for best performance).

Newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are available for free through Microsoft.

Note for Windows 95 users: Currently, Microsoft does not permit Windows 95 users to install Internet Explorer 6 or or newer onto that operating system, however Internet Explorer 5.5 is available for Win95 users.

The hardware requirements are as follows:

The recommended system requirements for the SlipStream Web Accelerator are a Pentium 200MHz with 64MB of RAM and at least 5 MB of hard-disk space.

Once you have activated SlipStream, you need to download the SlipStream Client. You must select the proper client from the list. Regular Dial-in users need to use one of the "California"clients. Extended Dial-in users must use one of the "National" clients. If you are using Regular dial-in then you must also change the last 4 digits of the phone number you are calling in your dialer from 2021 to 2022. You could also create a new dialer with the 2022 number. If you are using Extended Dial-in no changes to the dialer are required.

At this time we have no experience with the OS-X client and don't have any information on which OSs it will work with. We expect it will work with Jaguar and most likely Panther. 10.0 is not likely to work and we have no idea about 10.1. The instructions for setup and operation of the OS-X client should be very similar to those for the PCs.

To use SlipStream you must start the SlipStream client before dialing into LAFN on the 2022 number. If you are running zoneAlarm (or probably any other firewall), the SS client program is going to request rights to act as a server and to connect to the internet. These must be granted.

Some versions of the SlipStream client do not set the proxy settings automatical ly. The proxy settings must be correct for SlipStream to provide any performanc e inprovement. See the Instructions for setting the browser proxy configuration for more information.

There are detailed instructions on operating the SlipStream client at this page.

If you have SAproxy running (SpamAssassin), you will need to disable the email acceleration in SlipStream.

When SlipStream is enabled, using SSL for receiving email provides no SlipStream data compression advantage. Using SSL for sending email results in no email being sent at all when SlipStream is enabled.

The lack of SlipStream enhancement in email would normally not be noticeable unless one was sending or receiving large text emails (which experience the most noticeable speed improvements) on a regular basis. Even with SSL disabled and SlipStream enabled, most attachments (.zip, .exe, .doc, .xls, .gif, .jpg, etc.) not compressed in transit as they already represent compressed or sufficiently randomized data.

Therefore, with security concerns weighing in as being far more pressing than text email speed enhancement, LAFN recommends that SlipStream users disable email acceleration:

  1. Click on the SlipStream icon in the system tray [notification area]
  2. Click on "Settings",
  3. Click on the "Email" tab,
  4. Select the "Disable" radio button.

This change will take effect the next time the SlipStream accelerator program is run.

This page last updated: Sep 5, 2006