Los Angeles Free-Net Interest Centers

  • Arts and Entertainment Center.
    Motion Picture, TV, and theatrical information in memory of Sanford Meisner, teacher of the stars.
  • Career Center.
    Includes the Work At Home SIG, job listings, and more.
  • Community Center.
    Includes youth and service organizations and local discussion forums.
  • Education Center.
    Includes schools, colleges, and resources for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Emergency Alerts, Traffic, Travel, & Weather Center.
    Includes current updates from Caltech (Earthquakes), CALTRANS, national weather services, and travel information.
  • Financial Center.
    Investment information including Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Personal Finance.
  • Government Center.
    Includes access to city, county, state, federal, and international government bodies and information.
  • Health and Medical Center.
    Includes access to Cancernet, The National Library of Medicine, and Wellness Centers.
  • Law and Legal Information Center.
    Includes free legal forms and court decisions.
  • Library, Museum, and Reference Center.
    Libraries and their catalogs, museums on the WWW, reference sites.
  • Media Center.
    Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, and Online Publications.
  • Political Action and Discussion Center.
    Includes voter information and discussion forums. Make your views known.
  • Religion and Philosophy Center.
    Includes local houses of worship and information about the world's religions.
  • Travel Center.
    Includes travel information.
  • USENET and LA Free-Net Discussion Center.
    Direct access to the LA Free-Net's news server.
  • Web Connections Center.
    Includes Web searching, other Free-Nets, and WWW discussion.

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    Last Updated 9/26/99 (lfd)