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Biologic Terrorism

American College of Physicians' Resource Site

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response)

This site contains resources on Agents/Diseases, Planning Guidance, Training, State/Local Efforts with Key Contacts, Laboratory Issues, Epidemiology/Surveillance, Information Technology, National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program, Legal/Ethical, and Media/Health Communication.

Johns Hopkins University, Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies

This site includes fact sheets about biologic agents, a library, and a news section.

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Public Health: Acute Communicable Disease Control Unit

Bioterrorism Preparedness & Response website

Malpractice insurance coverage for California (Disaster Response)

California Government Code 8657

Maryland Department of Health

One of the best collections of Bioterrorism Preparedness-related links on the web.

Medical-Chemical & Biological Defense

Detailed selection of relevant links.

Medical Reserve Corps of Citizens corps

Medical Reserve Corps of the Surgeon General's Office

National Academy of Sciences (Try this one first)

Office of the Surgeon General - Medical-Nuclear, Biological & Chemical

News, Medical References, training, and a Glossary

UCLA Department of Epidemiology/Bioterrorism

Washington Post Bioterrorism Page


September 11, 2001 (Plane hijackings, World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks)

survivor registries

NY hospital admission search engines

Friends and Family Status Databases

Web sites for seekers, survivors, and informants