The Sanford Meisner Movie and TV Center

The Sanford Meisner Movie and TV Center

This page is dedicated to Sanford Meisner.

An important part of The LA Free-Net's mission is to make movie-related Internet resources accessible to the various artists and crafts-people of the Movie and Television Industry. In time this page will create resources of its own. (NOTE: See the bottom of this page to e-mail your resume to our directory.)

AFI Online (The American Film Institute)

A.M.P.A.S. (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences -- the 47th annual Primetime Emmy Awards and more.

California Film Commission

DGA - Directors Guild of America

MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America

Directory of Meisner Movie and TV Center Users -- The Official Academy Awards Web Site

The Internet Movie Database is the hypertext front-end of rec.arts.movies. You can find all sorts of things here:

Cinema Sites provides an extensive list of Movie and TV resources, including the movie studio sites which offer QuickTime movie clips that you can download here at the LAFN. (It is maintained by David Augsburger ac021 and is updated frequently.)

Screenwriters and Playwrights Home Page

Movie Theater Information

Television Program Times:


Discussion Groups (listservs) on Film:

Meisner Movie and TV Center Resources

Directory of Users

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