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Welcome ! to the Religion and Philosophy Center of the Los Angeles Free-Net ! You will be able to visit links for places of worship, institutional sources of spiritual and ethical teachings and a wide spectrum of groups that discuss the range of religious/cultural experience. Our state of California has a long history as a home for this type of inner exploration.

Organizations for Moral Advancement

  • Religion On-Line ; Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California
  • Human Rights Information Gateway to International Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Institute for Global Communication
  • Directories of Resources
  • Yahoo Listing --- Religion & Philosophy
  • List of Religious Organizations entire L.A. area
  • List of Mailing Lists
  • Religious Expression
  • Thrangu Rinpoche Buddhist Educator from Nepal
  • Tricycle Buddhist Review
  • The Living Dharma Buddhist Temple News; West Covina
  • Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple ; La Habra
  • Bringing Chinese Buddhism to the West article --- Hsi Lai Temple
  • Buddhist Resource File
  • Religious Expression
    ; Pastor John Kempf
  • First Fundamental Bible Church ; Monterey Park
  • Faith and Rason Ministries
  • Grace Church Online Headquarters
  • UCLA's Grace On Campus
  • Grace On Campus Guide Local On-Campus Bible Study Groups
  • Catholic Resources on the Net
  • Archdiocese of Los Angeles

  • Religious Expression
  • lafn.religion.hindu
  • Religious Expression
  • The Quran in English
  • Religious Expression
  • AlizaNet ; a WWW-based BBS of Israel; Caution: fast GUI only !
  • The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
  • Jewish Heritage Online Magazine (For PPP users only)
  • Shamash A Jewish Internet Consortium
  • Kulanu ("All of us"), Helping Lost Jewish Communities
  • Temple Valley Beth Shalom ; Encino
  • Shomrei Torah Synagogue ; West Hills
  • Temple Kol Tikvah ; Woodland Hills

  • soc.culture.jewish
  • soc.culture.jewish.holocaust
  • soc.culture.israel
  • Religious Expression
    Various Sites
  • The Program Witch Truth About Witchcraft.
  • Baha'i Community (Temple City)
  • Gnostic Society and Church
  • Zorastrian Assembly

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