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A guide to some resources for LAFN Mentors.

I really don't take care of this page as well as I ought to. But I've added a new little tid-bit to the morass, how to do screen caps from DOS or Windows GUI screens. See here.

A couple months ago I included a rather specific discussion on how to figure out if your LAN card is up and running or not. See here if you're curious or have general questions about LAN hookups. Most of the hits I get off of Google regarding "what am I supposed to be seeing?" are pretty much useless; that's why I stuck this bad boy in here.

Startup Programs

Many of us wonder about all of those programs which run in the background, programs which eat up our computer resources and which are often nigh on impossible to figure out how to cut off at the knees.

Well, if you want to trim much of the load off your system resources, you should read the Windows Startup Programs page.

For an introduction to the problem, you should read the Introduction to Windows Startups page.

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02 April 2007 0240 PDT - Added screencaps page.

15 August 2006 0530 pdt - Added WinXP Ethernet page

interim - updated PENINDEX (Startup) pages over and over, thanks Paul :)

28 November 2004 2000 pst - updated PENINDEX (Startup) pages.

28 November 2004 1700 pst - updated several pages to remove or obfuscate email addresses (die spamming scum!)

15 October 2004 0700 pdt - updated Fixing GDI+/JPEG Vulnerability Simplified

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