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Here are some of the most popular tools for searching the World Wide Web, Other Internet Resources, and USENET. For best results, try your search with several different tools.

Far and away the best search engine is Google.

While you may use the standard Google search, it is highly recommended that you avail yourself to the advanced Google search page.

For a quick search of the Web, try All The Web or or Yahoo. Additional specific search tools include Alta Vista, Excite, Infoseek, Galaxy, and Dejanews (for searching USENET).

There are also a number of comprehensive programs that combine the resources of many search tools and allow you to select specific information without browsing through a large number of links, and there is now Search Engine Colossus, an international directory of search engines and searchable databases indexed by country and by subject.

For people interested in writing and testing their Web Pages, there are a number of HTML and Web page validation tools and more than 500 links to Web Page development guides.

Comprehensive Search Tools

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Specific Search Tools

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For Web Page Developers

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